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If only I had known how valuable you are to me,
I was so blind, I could not see.
Blinded by a trust I could not give,
Ive protected and hid and not known how to live.

How can I show you that my love is pure?
That you are everything to me and more?
That my feelings are enduring and true?
That your pain is my pain and I am collecting what is due?

Why do we hurt the one we love the most?
And only show each other a very pale ghost?
Why have we hid and been afraid of each other?
Why could we not go through live as protective lovers?
Why did we betray when we thought we were special?
Why could we both only half-fill this vessel?

I want to protect you and keep your from harm,
I want to give you a haven a place of calm.

I would like to offer you my trust,
Along with my respect and values of the friendship I nearly lost.
I offer you myself with my loyalty and love,
I offer you my heart in the open and above.

Life is a mirror, life is a dance,
Could you live with this reflection, could you give me a chance?