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Welcome to Pagan Poetry.

We hope you like this site!  It is a site of beautiful poetry, not all of it specifically pagan, but all of it very very beautiful.  Just click on an author to go to their section of the site.  Click home to come back here and find another author and back to go back to each authors main page.  The poetry on this site was written by the members of the Pagans East Midlands mailing list.  Use the link below to sign up.  We also have a links page which will take you to the home pages of all the members of Pagans East Midlands, not just the poets!

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This site was created using the poetry of the people on the Pagans East Midlands mailing list.  All the poems on this site are copyrighted and are owned by the person that wrote them.  Do NOT take them for use anywhere else without first asking permission.  There is an e-mail address on every single page for you to use to get in touch with the writers.

All graphics on these pages are to the best of my knowledge either in the public domain or are scanned from personal photographs.

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