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  Samhain Divination

Sol has reached
The Eagle's 15th degree
I celebrate this festival
Divining my year with glee

The veil is parted
Vortex spiralling round
Chaos reigns this eve
I centre through the ground

The flame is glowing
My focus, it's complete
I shuffle them in my hands
While flowing with the beat

Trust is in the dark
Here I find the gold
The time is right to choose
For my story to unfold

I feel the coloured energy
Tingling in my hand
Face down and waiting
Treasure hidden in the bland

Interpreting the symbols
Recognition deep inside
Trance is still unbroken
On angel's wings I glide

Truth has been given
Using fabric and a tool
I may even feel the presence
Of the oft labelled 'Ghoul'!

Returning feeling full of grace
Touched by the divine
The gift that I have given
Floats gracefully on the brine