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Tapestry of Life

The wind puffed its cheeks.
At the same time,
the stars took it in turns to turn out their lights.
The sky opened its eyes,
while below on the breathing earth
the town planned for the day to come.

As the house came awake,
the hallway floor shivered from the cold.
Flames in the lounge fire played with each other,
casting shadows on the scared floral patterned wall.

The day presented itself to all
bright, glowing and brand new.
The trees smiled to themselves,
seeing the possibilities unwind.

Everything started singing
from the carousing water under the earth
to the birds being cradled in the sky.
The very air shimmered,
as the curtains were drawn.

The play begins to unravel
from its tightly wound ball.
Colours blending into each other
to create a wondrous tapestry.


The tapestry of life

13 November 04