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None can contain the wind so fresh and free
Once bottled it is but stifled emprisoned air
Neither can a sunset be kept for later
its beauty is to be enjoyed in the moment
neither photograph nor painting may totally
capture the entirety and even memory
may fade

A wildflower grows where it may be
a treasure to be happened apon
surprising jewel among the trees
or within a glorious carpet of its kind
picked it may last but a moment
and sadly wither in a vase
neither may it belong in a garden
but may be out of place perhaps even
die there

There are some things one cannot take
cannot even touch, hold or understand.
But the joy is there to be felt
the beauty to be enjoyed
in the moment, just where it is
and as it is

sometimes we cannot have to keep
many things we can never take home
enjoy that which is offered
and know it is
as it should be

Anji Alexander 26/11/2003