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The Driving Test

Buckle up your seatbelt,
Its a crazy place out there,
and you - young hopeful,
will take a chance where maniacs are many - and courtesy is rare.

Your nervous hands are sweaty,
and would be shaking too,
If you werent gripping the wheel,
tight enough, to break the thing in two.

Of course you've got my sympathy,
I know just how you feel,
to try and function normally,
would take some nerves of steel.

Oh, excuse me, but - before we drive away,
I must ask you
To open your eyes: and take a breath -
Your face is turning blue.

Just try to remember, driving on the left side
is one of the basic rules
And moving at a dangerous speed
is reserved for licenced fools.

Now, here we go - smile and do your best,
and maybe - with a little luck -
You'll pass your driving test.

* * * * * * * * *

Angie Campbell ( Anji Alexander) around 1988