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Oh beautiful bird, how I wish I could join you
up in the glittering pool of the sky.
The glow of the sun gilds your powerful wings
as you soar through the heavens, so far and so high.

Your echoing call drops down through the air,
notes of temptation calling on me.
But here I must stay, bound to the land,
wanting what isn't, what cannot be.

The sky is an ocean, a crystal expanse,
of uncharted freedom stretching above.
And you are the king, as you fly with the wind
in domains of angels, of wisdom and love.

Oh powerful eagle, as you hover above,
high in the heavens, so wild and so free -
Look down below, where earthbound I stand,
and be thankful oh eagle, that you are not me.

* * * * *

Angie Campbell ( Anji Alexander) prob about 1986?