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Hermits Journey

I gather my own flowers
and walk alone through the night
when the sun returns
It bites my tender skin
and I hide, cowering
In the shadows, out of the light.

Wistfully I watch the world
dancing in the golden rays
but stay hidden here
where darkness soothes my pain
withdrawn,thus protected
wild animal, hurt herein it stays.

Occasional companion chance may find
me huddled here alone and cold
and care to stay a while
maybe share some of this stoney path
weary travellers both
Acceptance offered, grasp of warmth to hold.

Gratefully I turn to them
and warm my soul at tender flame
of Friendship offered
soft I whisper, seeking solace
like attracted to like
but oft failed to recognise as same.

Encounter brief, soon passed
leaving winds chill in harsh contrast
I gather my cloak
and shrug, familiar friend is solitude
to whom I return
to find unchanged, unsurpassed.

My way is mine own
and I make no apology
I give me freely
But expect nought returned
no surprises then
When my heart, rejected , flys free.

Alone for eternity I wander,
drifting, unseen, unacknowledged, empty
flotsam on the tide
of humanity, remain unbeaten
resigned to forever trudge, my hermits journey.

Anji Alexander 15/11/2003