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From Match to Embers

"An imagery of fire"

Dormant alien bud, smooth bulbous head
Furled secret, blended shut. Silent. Red.
Swift crackling strike, sharp teasing scent
Searing triumph flaring
Explosive birth

Strange child arising, bursting instant power
Alive, eager aching brilliance, molten flower
Swaying in subtle rythym, smooth liquid grace
Pulsing to some hypnotic ancient
Soundless mirth

Potential of the dangerous beasts of prey
Still mere wisp of heat, young thing at play
Yet trembling now, if nourishment denied
On brink of blackness,
Cold extinction

Sacrificial offerings laid fore the beast,
Hungrily this dragons breath devours the feast
Soft licking tongues, tasting, reaching
Curiously it explores, feeling
New conviction

Heat swells open blooms of burnished petals
Fluxing forth shimmering dancers; none settles -
Snatched back to the warmth of the centre
Like a child hugging cold
Fingers and Toes

Then flickering, surging gratefully forth once more,
Blossoming heart, rising passion, vibrant core.
Touch from the untouchable, woven warmth
Caressing enfolding cocoon
Strength grows

Lover caught in the depths of irradescent meditation
enmeshed in swirling rites of incantation
Shimmering curtains of molten heat flowers
Blooming Kaleidescope of
Unexpected hues

Aching eager brilliance eases, the beast is sated,
Glowing rich warmth, relaxed safe ambience created.
Laval blossoms ripening to dark incadescent fruit
Deep red velvety heat
Dragons muse

Disturbed, the glowing pomegranate fruits explode,
A swarm of firefly seeds from mother lode.
Rising, seeking, hopeful in the warm air.
One by one, snapped out in the cold
Of the Dark.

Angie Alexander 25/03/1997 to 03/04/1997