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Life's garden

Wild flamboyant garden
bursting with life
throbbing with birdsong
buzzing bees
flitting butterflies
flowers and trees.

I kneel on the soft grass
and smell the delights
brilliant colors bedazzle
orange and blue
blazing pinks
flame red too.

Life is bursting, exploding
beneath the sun
pure innocent power
rush to grow
to live, to do
to reap and sow.

Knowledge of transience
is detrimental
to such pure living
joyful, free
by darkness

That it comes is inevitable
death and destruction
the reality of living
balance maintained
the yin and yang
life contained

We who stop to look, thrill
at such wonder
joy of living, unhindered
life in present
we marvel
and lament

Share the beauty starkly new
revealed by living
All knowledge is inherant
but unspoken
life rushes to live
before death collects

Spectators we and jealous
trying to emulate
such pure life embodied
just live for now
but we fail
burdened by knowledge

Anji Alexander 15/11/2003