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Yes Madam

Good morning madam,
Can I help you? Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am
Sale! Thank you, please call again,
Screaming children, angry ladies,
Sheepish men - Tell me, how will we stay sane?
Here we stand, hands together -
Smiles fixed nicely, ready to serve.

What's that you say/!
Really Madam I admire your nerve!
Perhaps prices are high and goods inferior -
but to dare and crack our shiny exterior!

Lay-by Madam - yes what name -
What, no - I'm sorry, I dont rememebr....
Yes of course, well - you all look the same.

It may surprise you, but I dont want to hear
your boring drivel on the 'phone.....
Really Madam I'm very busy
Oh! I wish you'd leave me alone.
I dont care if you have found,
once home - seams improperly bound.
I dont need your troubles - of extra ounces
or your cheque - which bounces.

Can't you see my feet are sore?
Aching - oh yes : fitting rooms are over there
Oh Madam please! - you're such a bore
I dont think I can take much more.

But wait! All is not lost
(no Madam, I cannot change the cost)
We may yet come out on top - excuse me, no smoking in the shop
The time has come to close our door;
and please - tomorrow, take your problems to another store!

Angie Alexander approx 1988