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I wrote this poem after seeing a little snail on a plant in the garden yesterday. It lifted its head towards me as I bent over it and left me wondering what it thinks, sees, feels and how ultimately its a mystery to us. Out of curiousity I researched what its shell is made of and found a site which told me it was calcium carbonate - similar in structure to limstone and chalk. I loved the notion of this contrast- the building blocks of stone combined with squidgy softness... xox Anji March 16th 2011


Form defined by chalk hardened animation.
Basest Limestone rock creation
ne’r dreamt of, surely, by the gentle softness
Moist, silent, protected within.
Paradox of opposites.

Hidden within withdrawn and tightly curled.
Vulnerability safely furled
Bland strength , concealed ,wielding rounded shelter.
Stone, flesh, animate enclosed.
Organic ore convolving

Delicate sensory stretching forth from stone
Blank canvas emotion burns unknown
Contained, shielded, all expressions thwarted
Rage, joy, dormantly impotent.
Self-contained in solitude

©Anji Alexander 2011