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The Whole Story

The world is full of contrasts strong
To each an opposite it must belong
Day to Night and Hot to Cold,
Dark to Light and Young to Old.

Now, what's this creature you have here?
Demanding helpless beast i fear!
Screaming loudly in the night
From bed you crawl; switch on the light.

Sometimes its hard to carry on,
Without sleep you're not so strong.
Why did You do it! What have You DONE!
A new baby aint much fun....

But wait! Thats only half the story!
Amidst the battle, comes the glory,
just when it seems a cruel joke...
recall the contrast of which I spoke.

Skin softer than fairy's whisper
You fell in love when first y' kissed 'er
Your heart swells, your senses thrill
whene'er you hold your little girl.

Sweet baby scent that makes you smile,
These things can make it all worthwhile.
So, you gave up sanity and cosy bed...
But what a precious child instead!

Anji Alexander 21 /01 /2004