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My world I see through eyes anew
And mighty powers commune to view
The world is now to me reborn
As every day, as every dawn
I felt the power gracious and strong
I feel at once like I belong
The swirling dream, or is it real
As before the altar I bend to kneel
I am free like the wind that blows
As bright as the candle glows
Energy infuses my body like rain
Dousing the fire, ending the pain
Oh mighty Hunter, guide my way
To keep me true and not to stray
And pure of heart, free from hate
Of good and evil we will debate
I hear the whispers around me now
And I raise my hands to make a vow
That I may follow honest and true
And keep my heart as pure as dew
Blessed be the ones who lead
To keep the craft as once decreed
When past and present become as one
The journey on which I have begun
I feel at one within the earth
And celebrate my great rebirth

Debbie Fleet