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A Wiccan Sonnet

Do I see shadows of lifetimes past?
Do I hear a whisper in the breeze?
Do I feel the goddess's breath?
Do I understand the language of the trees?
Am I worthy of the divine blessings?
Will I work for the infinite good?
Will the elements aid and guide me,
To stand where the gods once stood.
I will follow the ancient pathways,
I will learn with a willing heart,
I will embrace the echoes of the spirit,
I will help the darkness to depart.
I will celebrate in nature's goodness,
I will bathe in the lunar light,
I will do good and harm no-one,
I will aid in the Green Mans plight.
I will hear the call of the mighty wolf,
I will dance under the glorious sky,
I will be at one with nature's glory,
I will obey the eagle's cry.

Debbie Fleet