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Sapphire Blue and Lavender Purple

Out of the dark She calls you in
Her sweet whisper sounds of a song
Her beauty is shown through light that breaks
Her warmth is felt beneath your feet
She calls to you to come on out
Find the rhythm of the stars
They shine bright to show her power
Lighting the darkest of the seas
Her spirit fills your soul with music
Dance becomes your only desire
She sings her song a many of times
Your mind is with the stars above
Twisting and turning you feel alive
The earth is soft around you
As you move the wind blows 'round
Carrying the song like glistening dust
You breathe it in and your body takes flight
Sapphire Blue and Lavender Purple
The traces of stardust that lead you to heaven
All of Her beauty becomes one with the wind
Into her depths She calls for you.