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No one ever said that love had to pick a religion or that it would take you from me.
I should have seen that we are so different nothing could make you stay.
I changed from moth to butterfly for you and still you could not return the unconditional way I love to show.
I have failed us both. My love was not stronger than religion and was unable to reach you.
My spirit cries and bleeds for you yet in vain. You are leaving anyway.

I feel like I broke a mirror and went from seven years of happiness to seven years of pain.
Your love now pierces like a sword out of fire, cutting and burning all at once.
The pain is unbearable as I lay dying on the stones of loss.
I watch you walk the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Vanity is a sin according to the bible.
You have already strayed from your path. However, you still chose to go out with me.
My Goddess would never ask me to choose my love for my religion.
Nor would a true GOD.