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Soul Search

Alone deep inside myself I seek above me for the light lost in this chaos I call my soul.
Can you help me? Where do I belong and do I really have a place to belong to??
This place barren of hope I am trapping myself in this darkness that once ran deep with passion and light.
All those fuzzy colours I've seen before. What happened to them all?
Am I really this sad I can not overcome? NEVER I cried as loud as I could
and it echoed through this soul.

Deeper in this despair I seek the Goddess; I hear her voice assure me she is there
but demands me to feel the light and she will be visible again.
Sudden pain rushes over me. I scream ferociously as though my soul attempts to escape me.

As we crash together there is my love, my hope and understanding pulling me near.
I am overwhelmed and fall crying as if they are family lost to a higher place.
I can feel the warmth of my soul engulf me.

Happiness is not lost and I am not completely found but there is