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Twisted Mind

The doors open & slam in my mind.
Questions carrying my voice,
defence of both sides strong with fact, yet we argue.
A battle of tug-o-war results in combined humiliation.
Both sides stop and think of a willow tree ?
The cinder burning beneath the fire engages me with thought,
thought so deep it sits alone in a room of it's own.
This is final rationalization, my mental debate is judged,
final answer is uncontested.
Yet final or not my thoughts drift again,
of acient creatures, myths, & legends.
For a moment in that judgement of mind, I found some peace.
Arousal stirred by mental image,
as we lay entangled and bound like roots of the willow tree.
So I kiss and massage him,
for I am entrenched with lust, prepared to show him what he means to me.
Thoughts of his being at my sexual disposal.
Personally speaking hours of kissing is a special talent I possess,
he would agree.
To the ends of the earth I would follow his soul,
in life or death,
he has summoned my soul to eternal love.
But these are just thoughts of a twisted mind.