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Waters & Pathes

Past the river Stix, there is a stream called life, a brook named pain and a suffering pond.
I've been swimming in them today and am now stronger ..... I survived!
Over the Mountains of judgement is a creek called at this time, I saw her sitting her feet in the water, humming a tune
Through the path of peace & happiness, in the forest of calm, a joyous site the hot spring of all is well,
In this place I stripped off the clothing of burden,
stepped in and sank in.
I felt the waves of forgiveness wash over and cleanse me
When I rose, I heard that humming again
Down the path of Blessed things
through the field of Love, I left the spring, put on a gown of guidance & followed the trail
Home it led me, I went inside & was surrounded by
the loving light.

To my Family & Beyond!