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Ancora Imparo

I'm still learning what is right and learning what is wrong.
I'm still learning that there's really no difference in a poem and a song;
That days are more mysterious than we give them credit for.
They're really a maze of minutes and seconds that give us time to learn much more.

I'm still learning that each path I take is a lesson to my life;
That the lessons I learn are some times cruel and cut you like a knife.
And then again there are the ones that make you see such light;
They bring you joy and bliss and you know that's the meaning of right.

I'm still learning to take care of the things in life I thought would take care of me.
Because you get out of life what you put into it, you only need to see.
I'm still learning that our life here is short, but our soul can live forever.
That you should cherish every moment now, give up on life....... never.

I'm still learning life is a constant lesson: sometimes we learn, sometimes we teach.
But, with all the things we think, we know that we should never try to preach.
That each person has his or her own walk to take, and the circle is ever turning.
We are all different and each of us still learning.

Ancora Imparo

I'm still learning

Wendy Needham

November 11, 2003