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My Never Land

I dreamt I danced with Maidens fair
With Lords of stature
Music you could hear of old time gone
The scent of honeysuckle everywhere

Dancing to a tune I've heard played time and time
My Lord leads me to a place so grand
A place I've seen before in dreams as a child young and frail
My spirit explodes being brought back to this place of mine

Whispering wind around my face
Willow swinging with such grace

Faerys time.
A place that's not a place, on a night that's not a night,
In a time the keeps no time
Faerys dance and Faerys rhyme

Lords and Maidens bow before they take thee hand in dance
Putting you in a wondrous trance

Wake to feel my feet still warm
I dreamt this?
I lived this?
My heart knows I was at a place so warm and grand
I've traveled once more, to my Never Land.

Wendy Needham