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Tis the Season

Tis the season to be jolly........
Deck all your halls with balls of holly.
Where did all of this come from? A story, a rhyme.
Someplace far back in time.

Where sugar plums could dance in our head.
Can I find this again?
Roasting Chestnuts all night long.
Sitting around the fire singing a holiday song.

Why don't I want to build frosty the snowman?
He could be alive just like you and me.
With his jolly happy soul, Corncob pipe and two eyes made out of coal.

Couldn't wait to unwrap what was under the tree.
What happened?
Did I do something wrong?
Does that child inside no longer see?

All of this hustle and bustle.
No time to have fun.
Will Rudolf shine his nose to lead my way?
The way he did with Santa's Sleigh.

Presents to buy, and food to prepare.
So much to do, with so little time.
Does this need to fill me with such despair?

Is this just something that happens when you grow up?
Where is that holiday cheer?
I relied on at least once a year.

WAIT a minute.

What am I thinking?

I think I get it.

Its not all these things I'm trying to make it be.
It's not what you buy or what you get.
Its simple.
It's easy I see.

I just need to remember that Christmas is about love and family.
Not about what happens just once a year.
I get it now!
I haven't lost my holiday cheer.

Everyday is just as special to me as the holiday season.
I've learned to keep it with me, a little each day through out the year.
I should've seen this before.
That's the reason.

So when it's the holidays, I don't need to wait for that feeling to come.
It's already here.
Spending time with the ones you love is fun.
Now! On Dasher and Dance, Prancer and Vixen. On Comet, on Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.

Because this is the gift I want left under each person's tree.
For them to realize this same kind of cheer.
To know family is what really matters.
It doesn't have to be just once a year.

Wendy Needham