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The Binding

My head turns as the thick, musky odour is carried on the breeze,
Permeating my senses with a dank, heady sweetness.
Alone and unhindered by the persistent murmurings of reality,
I question not this nightly sojourn into the shadows of your realm.
But you my love, are sleeping still in your mask of deathly beauty.
Unbound from the chains of humanity, you know not my pain.
Awakening from the gloom of my wretched world,
I hear your call.
I deliberately weave my way through the spiteful hawthorn thicket,
My body torn a thousand times, oozing life blood upon the frozen ground.
But ‘tis but a trifle.
I inhale your perfume.
I am consumed in its dark, intoxicating essence,
Born of love, lust and dark desire.
My heart pounds, my blood quickens as I approach the graveyard.
Beholden by a beauty of times forgotten,
I am driven by my own remorseless craving.
No explanation required ‘cept that you be waiting.
My urgent footfalls fall empty on the desolate burial ground.
I cross to the small chapel and pause under the shelter of its ancient stone portal.
With tentative fingers I momentarily touch my throat.
I trace the pattern of the scars where afore times you have drunk so greedily.
I shiver involuntarily.
You have mapped my body and soul
And yet I yours.
I pass over the threshold into the darkening shroud of your world.
My love, I know you wait.
The stifling stench of rotting corpses clings yet to your eternal soul;
A soul that I have bound.
The taste of blood lust rises in my throat.
Why do i keep you on the edge so?
Why can I not let go of this my dreaded desire?
Lost in the netherworlds,
Both sacrificed to the calling of the other.
A movement in the shadows heralds your presence.
I move forwards.
Our lives entwined and broken, twisted by fate.
I touch you and surrender to kisses, sweet and tormented.

One night I will free you,
I will let you go.
But not tonight…
Not this night…

Darkwillow March 2007