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The Borderland

At the crossing of the dark threshold I finally met you.
On that exquisite borderland between life and death.
I knew you in an instant
Yet my departure was imminent.
While you my love were poised on the sword of life,
Awaiting your entrance.
And in that split second on the elusive planet we lived a whole life time together.
Sharing a paradox amidst two realms.
My love; I lived a life time knowing your name.
I lived in dreams knowing you waited.
I felt your breath in the whisperings of the winds.
I felt your love in the Sabbat Fires.
And in this portal, this juxtaposition of life and death I finally found your beating human heart.
How we flew; how we raced the winds.
How we shared the divine passion.
How we lived; how we laughed and oh how we loved.
And in an instant it was over.
A shadow left; a silent cleft in the world of men.
I am the whisperings of the winds,
The teasing breath that caresses the back of your neck,
The flicker of a shadow in the corner of your eye.
Your guardian; your sylph; your eternal force.

Janis May 2010