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We had an ideal love affair, you know it's true.
I never loved no one till I met you.
But lately somethings wrong,
I tried but can't go on.
The chains of love are slowly killing me.

They looked at us and saw a perfect pair.
Never saw the chains you made me wear.
How I tried, you'll never know,
To assert myself and go.
Cut these chains, my dear and set me free.

You look long at me my love, but never see.
The one you want, I know I'll never be.
Mirrowed in your eyes,
The reflection of my cries.
Can't you hear these cries and set me free?

These words come to you, but it's true you cannot hear.
Is this the end for us my love, my dear?
I know that love has died,
My cries have been denied.
Break these chains my love and set me free.
Oh, cut these chains my dear and set me free.
The chains of love are slowing killing me...........