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To Claim a Soul

In the damp darkness of decay you will find me.
In the corners of the world where no one dare tread you will meet me.
In the alleyways of death outside of society I wait.
I bathe in the glow of death and destruction.
I dance in the blood of beating hearts, feeding from their passion and tenderness.
My human skin is shed, all feeling ever known now gone.
My humanity devoured by demons of a seemingly bygone age.
My heart and soul sacrificed for eternity to gods who once fleetingly trod this earth.
With death, my love, came great freedom, great release and great desire.
Do I tempt you my love, my dark desire?
Dare you bite the ripe cherry I hold in my hand?
Dare you taste the bittersweet juices that trickle down the sides of my mouth?
Surely you are tempted to join me in this dark and delicious world?
If indeed the choice is yours to make.
I will invite you in.
But only when you shed your soul and offer it up for my inspection.
Then and only then shall I decide whether your measly human soul is worthy of my inspection.
Can you take the ways of the dark realms?
Can you forsake your humanity?
Can you live in a world where human life is carrion.
Where an innocent, beating heart is the most tender and sought after of trophies.
The alleyways between the worlds are full of discarnate souls who never quite made it to the other side.
Can you bear to hear their pitiful screams, caught between the worlds, no way out?
Can you ignore the nightly carnage as the demons of the earth devour their own?
I watch you nightly through the veil and wonder.
Shall I reach out and temp you with sweetness and seduction?
Shall I plant soft kisses on your neck?
Let you taste my hot breath upon your lips?
Offer you a safe haven of warm thighs?
Then reach deep and uncompromisingly into your soul so trusting to claim my prize.
I play with you, my love.
Meet me half way, my dearest, come to me of your own accord.
Let your own darkness flow.
Donít let me wrench your soul, as I know I will.
But offer me willingly tonight, the most sweetest of things.
I dissolve into the shadows, patient, excited.
I smell you approaching and my dark soul quickens.
I carefully fold my quivering black wings tighter to my body.

February 2008

Dark willow