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Swirls of colour before my eyes
Whispering winds telling no lies.
Fate or destiny who can say
If only the winds could have their say.

Pools of purple inside my head,
Do I know where Iím going or am I led?
Daydreams inspire but are they true,
In truth and love but what do I do?

Shining bright, into the Light
Yet the darkness pulls, holding me tight.
Truth or Dare are locked inside
If I look in the mirror will my eyes lie?

The green of the land cradles me tight
Yet I walk to an old beat every night.
Comfort or curse who can decide
The pull is strong from deep inside

Oceans of red at the close of day
My Spirit awakens, showing the Way.
The future revealed of Time and Tide
Stripping the illusion, no where to hide.

Black and White in perfect fusion
My inner thoughts in total union
My Spirit free and learning to fly
I reach for the sky but who am I?

Swirls of colours before my eyes
Telling me truths, telling no lies.
The truth is there for all to see;
To fly on the wings of eternity.