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A Companion of Love

I looked for love but there was no one there
I plucked an angel from the midnight air
All my words were lost in time
Trapped in a nightmare without a rhyme

In the starry night I was battered and torn
I looked for a reason for being born
Over and over and alone I cried
Tossed on the winds of fate I died

Can a thousand good deeds ever right wrongs
Will the world ever know the Song of Songs?
When the spoken word is spoken no more
Will the turning tide kiss the shore?

I was lost in a place thatís out of time
I was out of sync with human kind
I saw my gods but did they see me
If I imagined them did they imagine me?

Does a kiss on the lips from another soul
Or a heart felt hug make one whole?
Wishes and dreams and starry illusions
Are all very well yet lead to confusion

I travelled far and I travelled wide
The angel was constantly by my side
But he told me not of my fate or my rhyme
Though he taught me how to decipher time

Too many questions I had to ask
I couldnít keep silent, hated the farce
In the dark of the night and the heat of the day
Only my angel showed me the way.

Janis August 2010