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Through corridors of dark
I drifted.
Long and narrow.
Voices called me from afar,
Instinct trusted,
I knew no fear
Yet sought the door.
Mesmerising voices called
Round and round inside my head.
I faced the door.
I waited,
To open it
I knew I must,
But waited.
Then from the other side
A Lady spoke in riddles,
But beckoned.
And so
I crossed that threshold
Into that room.
And saw the void stretch before me
And behind a veil,
A physical barrier
My sisters waited, calling.
A shimmering, silvery, ethereal veil.
An energy field of magical atoms,
Repelling, repelling intruders,
But they called me still
Taunted, chided.
The lady spoke,
"The longer you look - the harder it gets"
They called in unison
"Come sister, come!"
She said
"The more you think - the less you know"
Still "Come sister, come"
She continued
"What you need - you cannot see"

I turned,
Others beside me
Struggling to cross over,
Not making that final transition.
"Unshackle your perceptions," She said.
My head was filled with an aching, a longing.
A cacophony of voices still beckoned.
It was hard,
So hard.
My body ached,
I felt exhausted.
"Close your eyes - let go"
I had to do it.
I closed my eyes and druggy dreaminess engulfed.
Transcending all my perceptions
On an out breath I let go.
I crossed over,
Held by my own belief and knowing
I crossed through that veil.
Their arms embracing,
Cradling me.
I turned and looked,
I was one with them.
I took their hands
And called as them,
As one voice
Across the void
"Come sister come!"

Moonwillow 2004