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Deck The Halls

Dripping souls festoon each bough
And rafters gleam with blood and slime.
The vast halls echo with dreams unsung
And stories never told.
Tis the time of peace on earth
Tho dust and dark descend.
No sun, no star, no guiding light,
No babe, no hope, no joy.
The gates of doom will yet unfurl
As night and day collide.
Dark ones wrapped in cloaks of light
Fly swift between the worlds.
They reap the souls from mortal men.
To bring them home to Him.
He sprawls upon his jewelled throne,
To await his gifts galore.
Encrusted with be-jewelled hearts
And entwined with weeping souls.
Upon this throne He proudly waits
As his bloody booty does come home.
He’ll raise his glass to one and all
And wish you merry cheer
Then down your blood in one fell swoop
And devour another soul.
Its party night in Underworld
The invites are on their way.
Come swathed in black,
Come drip with fear,
Please come and dine with him.
But leave your soul hung by the door
Cos there’s much fun to explore.
You gaze around the bedecked halls
At souls so brightly hung.
Purged of bodies now disposed,
It could be you, it may be you.
You sing the tuneless song.
The song of man, the song of peace,
The song of joy on earth.
The song of death, the song of war
Ah now - the fiddler knows the tune!
You dance with glee,
You dance with joy,
The piper joins the throng.
Round and round and in and out,
Night to day and right to wrong
Tis the season to be jolly,
You weave the merry song.
So deck the hall with dripping souls
Trala lala la lala la la!

Su.endal Yule 2007