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Dragonfly Days

Eddy’s and currents born of the wind,
A vortex of energy in a sea of grain.
Arms opened wide, a gift received,
Energy harnessed from the swirling deep.

Racing along by the Blood of the Land,
Dragonfly chasing, Ki in hand.
Flashes of turquoise, kissed by the sun,
Yet as life begins – its over, done.

So what of this illusion we know as Time,
Just one more riddle of the universal rhyme?
We are born to this plain, we live and we die,
Yet rarely acknowledge this earthly lie.

The truths are out there for those who seek,
But truth can be hard and not for the meek.
The dragonfly darts over the water green,
Unaware of the greater scheme.

Night and Day and Dark and Light,
Spirits of Black and Spirits of White.
Their spinning Wheel is grinding low.
Does anyone sense, does anyone know?

As the fast fading sun caresses the sky,
Life is over in the blink of an eye.
Illusion, delusion, tell me – what do I say?
As I liken my life to the Dragonfly Days.

Darkwillow July 2008