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Dreaming the Dark; Dreaming the Light

Where do we go to dream the Dark and the Light?
To crack the illusion of the human heart?
Who do we ask and what do we do,
When the knowledge we seek is known just by a few?
How do we cross the Divine Divide to awaken our powers, free the spirit inside?
The Lady waits under the Perfumed Tree; in silence she has waited for eternity.
She knows not of time; she knows not of space; silently watches and steadfastly waits.
Her enigmatic smile and her blossoms of white, allure and entice to open our hearts.
Her musky odour and scents of the night, invites us in for the very last dance.
We are drugged by our sins as she spins us around and around,
Will we fail to see her clues on the ground?
Can we chant her words that will open the veil as she spins us around in a far greater game?
With her knowledge of black and her knowledge of white she can bestow great truths on this night of nights.
But donít be deceived by the allure of desire, the trappings of flesh and her beautiful attire.
With the sun and the moon and the star in fusion we can dance the dance of human union,
We can draw down the stars from the Ladyís eyes; we can raise the power from deep inside.
With purity and innocence and a greater love, she will allow us our dance, our moment of glory.
For from beginning to end she has written our story;
She can let us drown under the Perfumed Tree in the musky odour of our own desires;
Caught in an illusion, trapped in a web, still spinning, still dancing yet totally dead.

When her blossoms fade and the world turns green, when the frenzy of white combines with the dark.
When lust turns to love and innocence reigns; when this fleeting life is shown as a dream.
Who will we turn to; what will we do?
Will we know where to find her?
Will she want us to?
So go drown in the odour of the scents of the flesh
For in this merry dawn your destiny rests.
Only a few will resist the pull, will cleanse the soul in the heat of the flame.
Only a few will face the dawn, will see and smell the Sacred Union.
So feel the thrust of her sword as it pierces your heart
And go dance the dance of the Light and the Dark.

Beltane/High Sabbat 2009