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Illusion and Desire

Dreams. Faded. Old canvasses. Stretched. Torn.
Illusions. Desire. Fire. Passion. Delusion.
A bullet. Fired. Shattering. Splinters. Broken dreams. Slithers.
Truth. Tragedy. Mortality. Lies. Humanity. Cries.
Wind. Whispering. Eternity. Ever. Hopes. Forever. Dying. Never.
Blood. Ties. Lines. Bone. Home
Nameless. Bound. On and On. Endless. Sun.
Path. Journey. Pastures new. Flood. Cleansing. Turn around.
New sky. New dawn. New day. New passage.
Lies are truth.
Truths are lies.
I saw it all in the blink of an eye.

Janis Nov 2010