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The End of Days

Can you taste the essence of live’s gone by?
Can you enter your soul with the eyes of a child?
What do you see there and what do you find?
A glimmer of stardust, a ray of hope,
Or gloom and despair and the hangman’s rope?
Crossing the threshold to the other side
Determines our destiny and reveals the lies.
A shimmer of stardust in the midnight sky;
A portent of your future or from your past a cry?
The Temples of Humanity are raised by a few
Yet the Hallows of Night refuse to be found
And our footsteps echo on barren ground.
How far up the mountain will humanity climb
To free itself from the mortal grind?
Yet the stardust falls upon a few,
Dare we pause, dare we catch it; tell me, will it be you?
Or will you sink to the mud;
Bathed in your human blood,
Trapped in a mindset that’s out of time,
Out of sinque with the God’s given rhyme?
The wave is coming
The tide is now
Ride it or fight it
Evolve or die.
So when you taste the essence of live’s gone by
And you free the child trapped within your soul,
Will you sacrifice all when the time is right?
Will you pluck your future from the deathly night?
When the Dragon Breath finally fades
And you look into The Eye at the End of Days,
And those that “just are” spin you round and around
Can you honestly say your soul is unbound?

Janis Oulfkih
Baphomet Lodge