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Fairy Tales and Happy Afters

Dreams do come true; thatís what weíre told
And the knight always rescues in the stories of old.
The princess is saved from her dastardly captures.
It will all end fine; always in raptures.

If we write our own tales, how do we weave it?
How do we tell it and who will believe it?
The dangerous villain can often surprise us
Yet comes with the truth in many disguises.

If we made just one wish what would it be?
How many frogs would we kiss to be free?
A wave of the wand and everything sparkles
One handsome prince and happy ever afters.

We weave our words as we weave our own dreams,
Try very hard to create our scenes
But the stage can often be an illusion
The prince and princess are never in fusion.

Time is the villain who always reveals
And the truth of the plot is the hand that he deals.
The slipper wonít fit and the prince is a toad
The castle crumbles in a land so cold.

Time to start writing a much different tale
Of a very bold knight so hearty and hale
Swap the roles to become the Knight
Be the story and fight the fight.

Weave the words, donít let them weave you
Raise your sword to all that is true.
This is the story, this is the time
Weave your own words and write your own rhyme.

Janis Oulfkih
Oct 2010