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A Greater Game

A dark creeping coldness that penetrated the heart and soul of humanity and crept into every void of the planet, lay in wait for every unsuspecting traveler.
Each lonely and desperate voyager on this journey we call life had no idea of his or her fate, no idea that not only had the gods abandoned them, these very
gods whom they loved and trusted, were now actually carefully and secretly plotting against them.
After all these mighty gods were simply playing with their own toys, manipulating their own creations and they could do exactly what they wanted to do.

Unaware of their fate, of their impending doom, humanity simply wrapped up more warmly and went about their daily business with
grim determination knowing that somehow tomorrow would always come.....

Sitting in their echoing halls on their thrones of icy majesty, each god rolled the dice in turn.....

Darkwillow January 2009