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The Goddess

The whole world sleeps
Covered by the darkness of the longest night.
Silence roams the plains of time
And the air is crisp and cold and still.
Expectancy hangs in the air
As we gather in our circles
Acknowledging the new Earth Cycle,
Together as one in a single moment of time.
Look into the darkness of this longest night and you will find her.
Look to the stars to see her smile.
In a hurried world she is the silence at the centre of our souls,
Stilling the mind when the beat becomes too loud.
She will come to you if you journey to her first.
Look inside and she is there, has always been there.
She will give if asked yet take of her own accord.
Unseen and unheard by many,
Entering unexpectedly into our lives.
She is the light and the dark.
She can blind and devour.
She can save and bless.
She can illumine and destroy in one Holy breath.
We begin and end with her,
Yet our existence alone allows not her truths.
Her mysteries unveiled may forever remain hidden.
The night is long
The night is cold
As her light reawakens the heart of humanity.

Su.endal Yule 2008