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Honey don't go

Honey I love you more than life
But honey it hurts me like a knife
Going into soft warm flesh
When you look at her
When you look at her

Honey why donít you look my way
Why do you hurt with words you donít say
As the silence hangs heavy
In the chill of the air
In the chill of the air

Honey I smelt a perfume that isnít mine
Iíve sensed it a lot over time
And honey why donít you see
The pain in me
The pain in me

Did you see me at breakfast; did you see me at all?
Did you see me when you marched down the hall?
Babe, why do you lie in anotherís arms?
How long can you lie?
How long can you lie?

Oh honey a letter from her I found
Tucked in the pocket of your dressing gown
Shall I read it or shanít I?
Oh despair
Oh despair

You are leaving me babe, I know that now
Shall I just let go, forsake the row?
Will you kiss my tears as you say goodbye?
Honey donít leave me
Iíll die;
Iíll die

Janis July 2010