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The Lady waits, the Lady takes

Beware of the lady, the lady so white;
The lady you love in the cradle of night.
Though her skin is so white and her smile is so fine,
She will steal your dear soul in a moment of time.

Her arms are so warm and her kisses so soft
Yet she walks with the folks in the land of the lost.
She can lure you and tease you and youíll not feel a thing;
Your eyes moist with love when she delivers her sting.

Beware of the lady and her deadly disguise,
Donít give her your soul, donít look in her eyes.
Donít turn your back; donít open your heart,
For she will rip it and shred it and tear it apart.

Dare you walk with the lady, the lady in black?
Will you shower her with kisses, yet not turn your back?
Can you walk in her shadow, keep out of the sun?
Will you feel her devour you; know when your lifeís done?

As you grow old, and you shrivel and fade
Will you continue to feed her as she does not age?
Can you watch from the darkness in the cradle of night?
As yet one more lover gives up his lifeís fight?

Once you were young, once you were pure,
You thought that she loved you; of that you were sure.
But she fed on your sweetness, your sweet honey of life.
She drank and she supped then plunged in her knife.

AhÖ but how willing you were, how keen and so ripe,
How you adored her in the dark of the night.
You gave up your soul to your beautiful queen
You let her devour you and strip your dream.

She is ageless and timeless, yet old and serene.
She is beauty personified, a thrice risen queen.
You all give your souls to the lady in black,
She waits and she takes and never looks back.

She can whisper your name but do you know hers?
Is it spelt in the roar of the eternal fires?
Does it dwell in the waters of the darkest abyss?
Or is it given by wind, as a sacred kiss?

Thereís no guarantee when you give her your soul
That sheíll thus come to you, to make you whole.
She exists in a time forever dark
Out of reach of the human heart.

If you can take her hand, dance her dangerous dance,
If you can dare to take this very last chance,
Maybe, just maybe she will share her delight
But your soul will be hers, bound in the cradle of night.