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Lost in '63
(Warning: contains very large dose of plagiarism!)

The Jukebox was playing out of time;
I had lost my heart and I lost my mind.
When all of a sudden I heard a rush
Like a rolling ball of thunder;
Spinning my head around and taking my body under.
I was hypnotized and mesmerized
And flung through a portal into í63!
I put my loving hands out to save myself,
Was begging; felt like an empty shell.
The shadow of my life was hanging over me.
Then thud! I fell at the feet of a fallen angel,
So close and yet so very far from heaven.
At long last love had arrived; I thought
So I picked myself up and brushed myself down,
As honestly, no angelís worth crawling on the earth!
Yet angel or demon just who can you be?
Even though you know I love you just the way you are,
Yet you sure got a demon in your soul.
This is a life of illusion babe; we just gotta be who we are,
So come grab my hand and come out tonight;
This world isnít coming to an end; no way!
Lets start working our way back to the present day babe
I ainít about to go living my life without you now,
Not with a burning love inside.
Cos I love ya pretty babe and Iíll help you through the night.
And if you stay, youíll never see the morning light,
So come jump back through this portal with me,
Cos I love you pretty babe!
Iím gonna make you see the light!
I love you pretty baby.
Iím gonna make you be alright!

Janis August 2010
(a very big thank you to BG and the FS)