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Man versus Earth

Forever moving relentlessly onwards
On a slow and restless highway,
The lethargic route this Earth has travelled
To meet another brand new day.

We are the minutest portion of its history.
Like wretched ants clambering frantically
For a leaf in a tropical storm
Hopelessly washed by a raging torrent to the sea.

A million years to fill an ocean
A million years a mountain born.
The continents are ever travelling
And new lands gaze upon a brand new dawn.

The furnace of this Earth has spluttered
Over the centuries, dead and gone
And sometimes the skin itself can blister,
Like blood escaping from a lacerated wound.

It is in this way we painfully find
The answer to this whispered question,
Of “How long can we survive
and what will remain behind?”

We are but by-products of a planet,
Each species existing on borrowed time.
We are being outwitted by our very life support;
This mighty planet still in its prime.

Are we to finish up in some future museum
Like Terrerdactyl, Tyrannosaurus Rex and friends,
To be gazed on in utmost awe and disbelief
As fossils, by creatures we cant comprehend?

For eventually we will be devoured.
We shrug it off with frightened jest.
Nothing is everlasting
And Homosapiens will come to rest.

(Written in 1974)