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The Mirror Cracked

I catch a momentary reflection as I pass by the mirror.
I linger.
Who is she?
Why does she hide there behind the glass?
Why is she looking at me so?
We both stare at one another,
Her world and mine.
How many times have I wanted to dive in.
But now she looks at me,
Looks through the veil of perception.
Looks to me, to my world,
To this reality
“Free me” she whispers
I suddenly feel helpless,
Feel confused.
Surely she should be freeing me.
“Free me” she cries
“But I am not free”
I want to shout back,
“I am bound to this realm by my own feelings and emotions”
But I keep silent,
Always silent,
“Free me! ” she screeches.
Why do I only stare?
A time frame of frozen reality.
From somewhere afar a heart pounds noisily.
Hers or mine?
Why can I do nothing when I want to do so much?
I am transfixed by the weight of her pain.
Suddenly the mirror cracks into a thousand stars -like slithers
As she crashes free into my world,
Into my arms.
Her blood drips slowly down my body.
She is lifeless in my arms.
I feel the tears
Feel the death of my soul
I gaze back into the black void before me
Where once hung a mirror

“Free me” I whisper....

Darkwillow April 2006