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Mr Moon

Mr. Moon you shine so bright
Yet you are an illusion in the night
What are the secrets behind your smile?
Why do you stare and so beguile?
Spirits of black and spirits of white
Pray tell me the truth I seek in the night
Is the blue and the green bound in a dream
Of a forgotten forest I have not yet seen?
Ebbings and flowings
Coming and goings
Passing as planets in a starry night
Yet what of the night when we hurry and scurry
Hurry and scurry in a busy life
A turn of the tide
A breath of the wind
An uneasy silence begets a forgotten dream
Its all for a reason as we tumble and fall
As we fall from a dream and grasp it all
So Mr. Moon, when you shine so bright
Share the illusion of the starry night
Show me the secrets behind your smile
Show me the way and let me beguile

Janis 2011