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Sensual pools of red glistening on pure white sheets.
Swirls of ruby that salute the dawn.
The drift of soft velvety petals on cold naked flesh.
Why doth the sun continue to shine?

Perfume laden air stale with night’s desire.
Bleeding kisses scratched by the thorns of dark emotion.
Love wasted in a coil of misused passion.
How doth the nightmare from the dream become?

A whisper of a once beating heart.
A soul still bound in icy flesh,
Freed yet by the blade of trust misused.
Ecstasy doth agony become.

Memories of la Luna fade into a red sunrise.
The morning star extinguished in a rivulet of crimson.
Cold steel in union with white flesh

With eyes wide open surely doth
Perfection bloom in death?

February 2007