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Past, Present and Future

She sat alone, scared.
She knew they were coming for her.
She had overheard them talking in the woods as she had passed by the clearing.
A horror was closing in on her
And now there was nowhere left to hide.
As she exhaled her last long breath of life, the door flung open.
Yet through her fear she knew
“They” could take her body but could never take her soul.

Sitting here alone, on the cold flagstones,
Eyes closed, silent.
I know someone has passed this way before.
I know my kin has dwelled here aforetime,
I feel her fear
Yet also feel her power.
Her breath is hurried, frantic.
Yet she is steadfast.
I see the door burst open.
My palms sweat.
I inhale her long, last breathe of life.

Watching from a world outside of time.
A wise lady will wait,
Will know.
Will feel the power.
Dwelling in her unknown future realm
She will pick up the threads and bind time as one.
She will breathe in all that was, all that is and all that ever will be.
She will exhale,
Her breath upon the wind,
Spirit thread secure.


Samhain 2007

  Samhain 2007