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Prayer to give thanks to Arachne

Dear Arachne, we thank you and hold you close in our hearts as you watch quietly
over us. Arachne, great spider goddess of Fate and Destiny, of Change and
Transformation. You who are the nurturing weaver of the great web of life. We thank
you for showing us that we can in fact weave our own webs of life, And that we all
have the power to shape our own destiny. Thank you for teaching us how to cast out
our webs into the universe. There were many times when we have all been scared and
full of self- doubt. For all these wise teachings we honour you Arachne. And now
dear Arachne, your immediate work in the grove will be that of nurturer. We hold you
in out hearts and ask of you that you continue to weave your web of fate around us.
To continue to weave a strong web of safety as you hold your threads from above, We
know you will always ready to listen, should the need arise, and that we may safely
call upon you. You are wise Arachne, you are comforting. Hold us all gently and
allow us to spin our own webs in your honour. Arachne we hold you deep in our
hearts as you watch over us.

So mote it be.