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Alchemical Recipe of Craft

Take one Chalice full of Love and Light
Mix in equal measures of Destiny and Desire.
Carefully pour the mixture over the Cup of Life
And sprinkle in the Sacred Stones of Healing.
To all of which add several large pinches (to taste) of the Herbs of the Plain.
Blend well together with Dark, Light and Fire.
Next take equal portions of Reverence and Mirth
And whisk well together with Love and Trust until light and frothy.
Take a sachet each of dried blood, bone, hand and horn and sift liberally over.
Fold all ingredients smoothly together with the Sacred Sword of Knowledge,
Then allow the mixture to stand for nine minutes until
The Soul fires up and the Spirit raises within.
Finally add the Essence of the Universe and bind as One with the Elixir of Life,
To create the Alchemical Recipe of Craft.

April 2009