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(with a nod to Stevie Nicks at the end)

Between the worlds through swirling mists
I ride the midnight mare
With hoof beats pounding in my soul I hear Rhiannon call.
She rides ahead in foamy brine yet turns to call my name.
“My Lady wait; I love you so, my Lady wait for me”
My words are drowned neath horse’s hoofs and foaming roaring surf.
“My lady wait, where comes you thus?
My Lady where goes thee?”
On steed so pure, on steed so white,
She rides amongst the gods.
Does she stop?
I know not what.
Does she stop for me?
I run and run along the waves
My heart is pounding so
Once again my Lady turns
She turns to look at me
I hear the beat of horse’s hooves
I see the raging surf.
I hear my name; she speaks my name
‘”My Lady wait for me.
Take me to the Otherworld;
Take me home with thee.
Let me through those gates of old
To Annwn’s mystic realm”
Let dreams unwind within my mind
Let dreams unwind for thee.
Let dreams unwind within my mind
Let dreams unwind; be free.
Let dreams unwind within my mind
Give love a state of mind.

Janis July 2010