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Solís Journey
A Prayer for the Solstice

You journey across the four quarters
Yet you travel not.
In my soul you are the stillness.
In my heart you are the fire.
My life you give,
Sacrificing yours willingly to the abyss.
Mocked by the silver disc
Whose reign is but poor reflection of your grandeur.
You are the gifter of my life.
Though you take life without remorse.
Without you I would not be,
Yet you exist whether I exist or not.
You dwell in time and space outside of known understandings.
Yet know you I do.
I have mapped your journey from daybreak till dusk,
Through winter unto summer.
I have journeyed with you across the quadrants.
And yet, you are the complete stillness
That is at the centre of my being.
Father, Mother, the Holy of Holyís.
The One most high.
The Deliverer of all that is,
Without whom I could not be.
Is it I who journeys unto you?
To your stillness,
To be complete?
In the splendour of your Solstice Light
I desire to be made whole.
I come to you to honour you Ė Creator of all that is.
O Mighty Sol!
Yet on that fateful day, as my burning ashes
Be scattered to the four winds
I know you at last as I know myself.

Blessed Be.

May 2007